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Car Insurance Options For Those 50 & Older

Are you above the age of 50? Then you could be saving more on your car insurance.

For people over fifty, car insurance options can seem limited and expensive, with premiums often increasing each year. Searching for the best vehicle insurance coverage seems a daunting task, but a necessary evil. However, more car insurance providers offer discounts and benefits to mature drivers which can offset higher premiums.

Besides the usual senior discount, there are also other ways to save money on car insurance plans, including the use of drive-tracking apps, state-of-the-art vehicle safety features, and even taking defensive driving courses. Listed below are some of the best options for senior drivers in the car insurance industry, with their benefits, best discounts, advantages, and more.

Top 7 Best Options For Seniors

  1. The Hartford AARP Program. This is probably the best option for drivers over 50 years of age as far as car insurance coverage is concerned. The Hartford AARP Program is tailor-made for senior drivers and has a guarantee that you will not be dropped unless you fail to maintain a valid license or miss paying your premiums. Policy holders who take a defensive driving course also get a three-percent discount with the program. The Hartford AARP Program differs from other car insurance providers because it is especially made for senior drivers. This program offers some of the best rates for those over 50.
  2. Allstate. This car insurance provider offers the best discounts for seniors, including a “senior discount” for retired drivers who are over 55 yeasr of age. You also qualify for this discount if you only work part-time. Other discounts include using their Drivewise app. Other discounts are those going into effect when you go six months or more without an accident. Allstate offers senior drivers many discounts that other car insurance companies do not have for mature drivers.
  3. Amica. Overall, this car insurance is great for those 50 years of age and older even though they are a smaller insurance company. Their customer satisfaction ratings and few customer complaints set them apart from the larger providers in the industry. Amica offers discounts if you take a driver course through their SafetyServe program, as well as discounts for owning your own home and paying premiums in full.
  4. Geico. A popular provider that offers senior discounts and low premiums for mature drivers is Geico. This company offers military discounts, multiple driving discounts, defensive driving course discounts, multiple policy discounts, accident forgiveness, and discounts for safe drivers. Geico is a great choice for senior drivers, they offer many ideal discounts and policy options for senior drivers.
  5. USAA. If you are over 50 years of age and a veteran, USAA is a great option for car insurance. They offer some of the lowest premiums in the industry, great customer service ratings, fast claims processing, and several other discounts. USAA is an ideal option for senior veterans and their families, and it is offered whether you are retired or an active service member.
  6. State Farm. If you and your significant other enjoy travelling, a State Farm car insurance policy is ideal. This provider offers great discounts, including its Drive Safe and Save program which allows policyholders to get up to a 50-percent discount through a driving app. It also offers a discount if you take a defensive driving course.
  7. Farmers Insurance Group. Great for those with multiple policies, Farmers provides insurance for vehicles, homes, businesses, motorcycles, and even offers life insurance. This company also offers many discounts for drivers who take defensive driving courses, pay premiums in full, enroll in automatic transfer of funds (for payments). They even offer a discount if you switch to them from another provider (as long as there are no lapses in coverage). Farmers is an ideal choice for mature drivers who need a policy with multiple coverages and would like to bundle them all into one package.

Additional Ways To Save

Regardless of the company you choose most offer discounts for seniors who take the defensive driving courses. These courses refresh your memory about rules of the road and introduce you to new changes in road rules. You also learn about new road signs that may have occurred since you obtained your license. These courses only take a few hours to complete and you can sign up for them and take them online. Other ways to save on your car insurance is to see if the company you currently have your life insurance policy with also issues car insurance. Many agencies do not like to insure older drivers, but if you have been a long time customer with them, then they are more likely to insure your car as well.



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